Pete Wilson


I had a very colourful past, before destiny intervened and moved me to Indonesia where I acted in movies while doing my own stunts. After a while, I got into teaching and taught at High School level as an English Literature and ESL teacher before moving up to become a University lecturer at Binus International University where I lectured TOEFL ( Teaching Of English as a First Language). I returned to NZ in 2010 and continued lecturing here at a Business College called Edenz before changing career paths and joining TTW, where I have worked for 5 years now.

Initially, I started as a mentor working with Māori youth along side my all time favourite guru and life coach, Rangi, who imparted so much into my life and skill set. After that, I stepped down significantly, and just cleaned the office weekly and cooked for the monthly Board Meetings so that I could remain a part of TTW while I went on a 1 year spiritual journey out at Faith Bible College where I graduated with a diploma in spiritual ministry. After that amazing year of spiritual enlightening, I was given an opportunity to take on the role of maintenance manager in which I was responsible for the up keep and maintenance of our 13 emergency houses and their grounds.

I then moved into a position as chief gardener out here at our Puku Patch. Here I have been given the mammoth task of converting farm land into organic vegetable and fruit gardens. The produce will be used to feed the poor, the lost and the forsaken and also for our very own amazingly talented and colourful Cooking Guru Steven Wilson who runs our Happy Puku unit, catering for various institutes and organisations in and around the Bay.

I love this job, hobby, and passion as I find it to be therapeutic and soul nourishing. For me, it is more than a job, it is a life style and a delight in which going off to work every day is an absolute pleasure and a blessing.