Marcia Taikato-Whauwhau


Ko Mauao te Maunga

Ko Tauranga te Moana

Ko Ngaiterangi te Iwi

Ko Ngati He te Hapu

Ko Maungatapu te Marae

No Tauranga Moana ahau

Ko Marcia Taikato – Whauwhau ahau

Born and raised with my Kuia and Koroua Carol and Tai Taikato in Ohauiti, Maungatapu, Tauranga Moana. I attended Maungatapu Primary school for the beginning of my schooling life, moving on to Oropi School for Intermediate and lastly Tauranga Girls college.

My husband and I had our first daughter in our early twenties. Now with three of our own tamariki and two whangai tamariki, we have a brood of five tamariki under our roof and also our beloved koroua.

We as a whānau love to wrap ourselves positively in the community. We have a real passion for people and a drive to make a difference. We have volunteered for Kai Aroha since the beginning where my husband and I are on the committee ourselves and our children help out week in week out with providing a kai every Friday night for those who need a helping hand. This lead me into a new kaupapa of helping in the establishment of a womens shelter for Tauranga Moana.

After becoming a mama I spent about fourteen years of my life looking after and caring for my tamariki. I decided I wanted and needed to do something for ‘me’ at this stage, I enrolled on the Raranga course gaining a Diploma in Maori Arts with Te Wananga o Aotearoa. I got so much from this class, I not only was able to weave beautiful Kete, Whariki and Korowai but I was able to stand and talk with a heck of a lot more confidence, which I didn’t have when I started my raranga journey. This gift of korero that I obtained was with the help of our Whaea Bibbins, who pushed us to become who we wanted to be in an environment that was comfortable to do so. This is the very environment that I try and re-create for the rangatahi that I work with within Te Tuinga Whānau, giving them a forum to be who they want to be with no judgement from the wider world.

Our youth services concentrate not only on contemporary practices but traditional as well, providing the likes of not only weaving, but fishing, hunting and growing our own kai. We are contracted to provide a programme to show rangatahi positive role models, and we are meeting this criteria with awesome outcomes.