Whare 4 Whānau

Transitional Housing Services

We currently have 13 houses, 10 units and 13 motel rooms in our Transitional Housing service, with the capacity to accommodate up to 54 whānau at one time.

We provide a full wrap around social support service, walking alongside whānau to assess social issues and needs, and help them set and work towards goals to implement sustained positive change in their lives. We also work to ensure whānau have the right resources and supports in place to support them on this journey – this includes providing advocacy with MSD and OT, initiating referrals to agencies, and implementing in-house programmes which offer additional skills and support. We collaborate strongly with other agencies to provide support for clients with: financial management; mental, physical and emotional health; addictions; children’s education and health; whānau well-being; relationship issues; and Inter-mate Partner Violence, to name a few.

As well as providing Transitional Accommodation, we focus on addressing the range of issues which lead to homelessness, then put services in place to address those issues. This way we can help to bring about positive change for our whānau, so that when they exit service, they have the skills and knowledge they need to sustain long term tenancies.


additional whare 4 whānau initiatives:


Registered Counsellor Diahla Newton provides free counselling services to individuals in our Transitional Housing, focusing on areas such as trauma, grief, relationships and personal development.


‘Kai and Korero’

Diahla facilitates a safe space every week for people in our Transitional Housing service to gather and share their experiences over kai in a relaxed environment. As needs are identified among the group. guest facilitators are invited along to share their expertise in a range of areas such as housing, parenting, budgeting, trauma, addiction, whakapapa and personal development.

This is the most recent development of our Whare 4 Whānau programme which Diahla has been co-ordinating for the last 2-3 years.


The Happy Puku

French-Māori chef Stephen Wilson, has been facilitating cooking classes for our whānau for the last 2 years, teaching them how to make affordable, healthy kai. He now manages The Happy Puku, TTW’s new Social Enterprise, providing quality catering services within the Bay and giving opportunities for further training, work experience and employment to those who have engaged in our Whare 4 Whānau programmes.

The Puku Patch

A patch of family land in the beautiful Te Puna is being developed into an organic community garden, creating a space for whānau and rsangatahi to learn how to grow and prepare their own kai, as well as providing fresh vegetables for whānau in need. The long-term aim of the Puku Patch is to work in with The Happy Puku to teach whānau how to grow and cook their own healthy kai, and provide delicious nutritious food for catering and events.



JENA YOUNG    Whare 4 Whānau Transitional Housing Co-Ordinator


Whare 4 Whānau Transitional Housing Co-Ordinator

SAI WATSON-CROOKS    Registered Social Worker / Whare 4 Whānau 2IC


Registered Social Worker / Whare 4 Whānau 2IC

DIAHLA NEWTON    Whare 4 Whānau Programme Co-ordinator / Registered Counsellor


Whare 4 Whānau Programme Co-ordinator / Registered Counsellor