Beth Bowden


Beth grew up in Te Puna and did all her schooling in Tauranga (as well as Te Puna Primary, she went to Tauranga Primary, Tauranga Intermediate and Otumoetai College).

After 30 years living and working in Wellington, where she still has a home and family, she came to work at the Tauranga Court until 2008, and to live – most of the time – with her parents on the last bit of the family farm in Te Puna.

From there she quickly developed strong community ties with the Te Puna Quarry Park, Te Puna Heartlands, the Baywide Community Law Service, the Smartgrowth Social Sector Forum, and of course Te Tuinga Whanau.

“I love seeing how ‘the dots join up’ when I’m working across these very different cultural and social service spaces. It’s a real privilege to work with the other Trustees of TTW and the dynamic management/staff team we have here. But best of all is seeing the good outcomes TTW brings about for those we serve, everywhere in the Western Bay”.