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Social Services

Te Tuinga Whanau offers a wide range of Social Work interventions to everyone regardless of culture or ethnicity. People generally do not have to make an appointment to meet with a social worker at the office between the hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Experienced advocates and knowledgeable in the processes of statutory agencies; Social workers walk alongside families/individuals to help them achieve their goals.

Te Tuinga Whanau Social Workers are committed to keeping up with what’s happening in community and ensure they have strong relationships with a wide range of support services. Home visits are by appointment only, please contact us if you require more information on our services or if you would like to arrange an appointment.

  • WINZ issues

  • Child Youth & Family advocacy

  • Family Court/custody issues

  • Advocacy on domestic violence

  • IRD/Child Support

  • Youth/parenting issues

  • Housing NZ advocacy

Ringatohu (The Guiding Hand) Youth Services

Te Tuinga Whanau’s Youth Services department enjoys consistently positive outcomes in its work with our youth. This is due to our unique philosophy and approach which can be best explained by the following philosophies and models of practice:

Main Philosophies/ Models of Practice:

“There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots; and the other is wings.”
Simply meaning that we need to reconnect our children to their heritage and identify and foster their innate talents.

The Koura (crayfish) model of practice:
A crayfish grows by shedding its old shell by pumping sea water between the old shell and its soft tissue. When the shell pops off it hides for a few days until the new shell hardens. In applying this to working with challenging youth, one could say that the young person comes with a hard shell created from their upbringing and environment and no matter how hard one tries to break through the shell this doesn’t work. However, if the young person was to undertake a safe structured activity that causes positive internal growth within the young person then that inner growth will make that hard outer shell tight, uncomfortable and no longer suit the needs of that young person so they therefore shed those old behaviours and attitudes.
Rangi Ahipene ©2014

Supporting Philosophies/ Models of Practice:

Practical first, theory after.
Simply meaning, focus on practical activities but only provide enough information for that young person to achieve that activity. Only when that young person has done the activity will they now have an invested interest in it. So now they are open to learning the details, stories and whakapapa behind the activity.

“Turoko, turoko te ao,
    Turoko, turoko te he,
    Turokoroko te ao,
    Turokoroko te awatea.”
A simple translation of this Maori Whakatauaki is that when the world was first created, so was the first wrong (Tane separating his parents), this is then followed with the statement that with the first wrong so came the solution to that wrong. So in essence, what is being said is that all answers to all problems can be found in our past.

“Hunting and Fishing!”
Hunting and fishing is great for piquing initial interest and engagement. Think about it, for hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors hunted, foraged and fished which has become hardwired into our DNA. (9 out of 10 young people) regardless of race or creed will be drawn to these activities.
Our services are not only confined to practical activities including hunting and fishing, as we put the young person’s positive interest’s first, which could include art, music, sports or even academia.

In addition to the above the Maori values of aroha, manakitanga and whanautanga help to give the young person a sense of belonging and acceptance.

We currently service two “Fresh Start Contracts”, for the Ministry of Youth Justice, namely “Supported Bail” and “Mentoring”. However, we are open to considering expanding our services to meet “gaps” in the community need. i.e. the growing demand for pre-offending mentoring, which currently is not publicly funded.

Satellite Services


Counselling with Bev.
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Counselling with Diahla.
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Free Lawyer.
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