TTW, one of the most committed and proactive NGO’s….

Thanks to Saron for the testimonial you gave to the TTW team, we do appreciate you taking time to provide us with your feedback in relation to our organisation and the services we offer. Read Saron’s Full Testimonial:

I would like to submit the following Reference for Te Tuinga Whanau:

I am a senior practitioner and have worked extensively with community based providers for 11 years. I would like to acknowledge TTW as one of the most committed and proactive NGO’s that I have had the privilege to work alongside.

In summary….
There is a consistent responsiveness to youth needs assisting and supporting positive outcomes with attention to addressing the factors that contributed to the young person’s offending. There is also a clear pathway of practice transparency between all parties, together with strong principles promoting Te Reo Maori .

Kindest Regards

Saron Williams│ Senior Practitioner, Child Youth & Family, Tauranga │Ministry of Social Development