Welcome to Te Tuinga Whanau.

Te Tuinga Whanau offers a free social work, advocacy, information and support service to everyone regardless of ethnicity. Our awesome team are dedicated to building a brighter future for our community.  We have an amazingly diverse group of people, who help youth and their families be heard, be understood, learn new skills and look to the future with greater clarity and hope.

Our services include mentoring and development as well as advice and advocacy. We represent and support our community in so many ways.

Currently there are lots of positive moves in the community to better service the whanau that requires the talents of our staff. We look forward to being a part of the changes that will positively impact the community around us.

Te Tuinga Whanau

Social Work

Te Tuinga Whanau offer a wide range of Social Work interventions to everyone regardless of…

Youth Development

Te Tuinga Whanau’s youth development programmes address two distinct “areas”, youth justice and youth mentoring….

Youth Mentoring

Te Tuinga Whanau provide a generic youth mentoring programme which is open to all. Referral onto the programme…

Supported Bail

Working with the courts we provide a intensive short term programme to help youth stop offending and…